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Do you struggle with diabetes, heart disease, weight control, high blood pressure, high cholesterol,   tobacco use, osteoarthritis or cancer?  Then spending just ten days with use can put you on the road to a life time of good health.  TakeTEN is a unique program that combines medicine, lifestyle prescription. Manage and even reverse underlying chronic disease conditions.  Break additive habits such as smoking and tobacco use.TakeTEN Staff

Our TakeTEN Program is a proven, physician-directed solution that teaches you practical steps you can take now to create a healthy lifestyle that will benefit you today and for the rest of your life. You’re just 10 days away from taking charge of your health in ways you never thought possible!


Preventive medicine specialist  Dr. James Peters   and Dr. Cheryl Thomas Peters, DCN RD  are passionate and deeply caring advocate for people who seek a healthier lifestyle. As the medical director of the St. Helena Center for Health, Dr. Peters helps his clients achieve their health goals with a powerful combination of preventative and integrative medicine, nutrition and positive lifestyle changes. Dr. Thomas Peters believes in using nutrition and lifestyle changes as the first line of treatment in the prevention and management of chronic diseases and health conditions.




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